Faculty Development Program on Python

Python Basics to Advance FDP

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Resumen del curso

Key Features

  • 10 Hours Live Session
  • Hands-on Learning 
  • Assessment After Each Module 
  • Class recording for 30 days, unlimited views
  • Digital Certificate of participation


Python is a language with a simple syntax and a powerful set of libraries. It is an interpreted language, with a rich programming environment, including a robust debugger and profiler. While it is easy for beginners to learn, it is widely used in many scientific areas for data exploration. Apart from being an open-source programming language, it is also one of the most versatile programming languages. developers use it extensively for application development and system development programming. Also, reduced coding effort and better test performance ensure better programming.  

This course is taught by professional trainers who have 15+ years of hands-on experience in the same domain. The course consists of 10 hours of live training distributed over five days of two hours each day. During the course, you will work on live projects using various frameworks taught in the live sessions. You will be provided with assignments for each concept. Extra emphasis is placed on features unique to Python, such as tuples, array slices, and output formatting. You will receive hands-on learning throughout the course. You will take assessments at the end of each module. Revision sessions are taken at the end of each module.

¿Qué son los requerimientos?

  • Access to a computer with an internet connection
  • Any programming Language basics

¿Qué voy a obtener de este curso?

  • Program in Python at a good level
  • To code in Jupiter Notebooks
  • Core principles of programming
  • How to create variables
  • Integer, float, logical, string and other types in Python
  • How to create a while() loop and a for() loop in Python
  • How to install packages in Python
  • Understand the Law of Large Numbers

¿Cuál es el público objetivo?

  • This program is specially designed as a Faculty Development Program for IS / CS Faculties

Sobre el Autor

We at SkillRary strive to provide simple yet powerful training or tuition on all domains. This organization has started with a mindset to share the knowledge that the internet or an individual has in a progressive manner. SkillRary is an online training programme, trying to get the best content for all on a very low cost and thereby helping everyone with a digital schooling and online education.  

SkillRary provides computer based training (CBT), distance learning or e-learning, that takes place completely on the internet. The courses involve a variety of multimedia elements, including graphics, audio, video, and web-links which can be accessed to the enrolled clients.

In addition to presenting course materials and content, SkillRary gives the students the opportunity for live interactions and real-time feedback in the form of quizzes and tests. Interactions between the instructor and students are also conducted via chat, e-mail or other web-based communication. Unlike any other, we here also let the students know which module has to be gone through first. All the modules are placed according to the lesson plans so that students will know what to refer first.

SkillRary is self-paced and customizable to suit an individual's specific learning needs. Therefore it can be conducted at any time and place, provided there is a computer or smartphone with high-speed internet access. This makes it very convenient to the users who can modify their training to fit into their day-to-day schedule. All our users will be able to use our eLearning system to its full capacity.

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