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Workshop on Artificial Intelligence at BIT

  • Swetha Y
  • May 26, 2020
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Bangalore Institute of Technology- Artificial Intelligence Workshop


Workshop Highlights: 

• Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Our Daily Life
• Numphy, Pandas & Matpotlib
• Introduction to Machine Learning
• Theory
• Practical
• Assessment
• Q/A

Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making computer able to perform tasks which normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. It is a branch of Computer Science that aims to develop intelligent computer machines. 

The ultimate effort is to make computer programs that can problems and achieve goals in the world, as well as humans. There is a scope in developing the machine in game playing, speech recognition machine, language detection machine, computer vision, expert systems, robotics, and many more.  

Artificial Intelligence has demonstrated unprecedented growth. Sophia- the AI robot, is the ideal example of this. The future of Artificial Intelligence is uncertain. But, going by the bounds of progress Artificial Intelligence has been making, Artificial Intelligence will have its mark in every sphere of our life. 

This workshop was specifically designed to provide the right knowledge to aspiring students. This workshop explored the various means where Artificial Intelligence is used in our everyday life. The workshop shed light on the necessity along with how to acquaint ourselves with advances in the filed. The students were also informed about the job opportunities and careers they can pursue.  

The duration of this workshop was for two consecutive days with eight hours session each day, in a total of sixteen hours, conveniently divided into theory and hand-on practical sessions.   

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Watch the below video to know the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence 


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