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Want to Know How to Stop Being Anxious?

  • Swetha Y
  • Jun 10, 2019
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Being anxious has become a problem in most of our lives. Unnecessarily overthinking about unimportant things, comparing your lifestyle with successful people and thinking why things haven’t been successful with you, worrying about the bitter part of your life in the past and so on. These things have become common in most of our lives. So how to come out of it? How to enjoy your time now? How to utilize the present time and not make it apprehensive in the future?

First, you need to understand that, a worrying person has no peace in life whether he is rich, or poor.

Contradict to that, the person who doesn’t worry has a lot of laughs and peace in life, you see there are people who are always happy. They sleep well, they look charming, happy and content. Think about the way the baby falls asleep even in the market when there is still so much noise because they don’t have any kind of anxieties. 

Another best example is Napoleon Bonaparte. He was a king who roamed all over the world, he had enough money, fame, and people, yet in his autobiography, he has mentioned that he has never known six happy days in his life. That means even after possessing so much wealth, property and success, he hadn’t seen at least a few happy days.

Same way, Helen Keller was an American writer who didn’t have sight, she was unable to speak and hear. Even after being, deaf and blind, she has written in her autobiography that, she had found life so beautiful.

Therefore guys, be a rich, a poor, attractive, ugly, whoever you are, you need to stop overthinking unnecessarily. Overthinking causes, stress, depression, and anxiety. That is what doctors say, that 70% of patients can cure themselves if they only get rid of their fears and worries. That means if all those 70% of the people stop fearing and worrying, the problems will be solved themselves. Yes! This is a scientifically proven fact. Scientists have even proved that 4 out of 5 patients who suffer because of stomach related problems won’t have anything wrong in their physical system, instead they are suffering mentally which causes stomach related issues.

Doctors say that problems like Stomach ulcer, Heart deceases, Insomnia, Paralysis, and Headache are mainly caused due to extreme stress. I have seen my friends being upset at first and end up falling ill. So like this, anxiety doesn’t only affect you mentally it does affect physically as well.


How to Overcome your Anxiety?


Now let’s understand how to come out of this worrying problem. There used to be an engineer named Willis H Carrier, he was given a project by one of the billionaire company in Petersburg, and the project was to install the gas cleaning machine. His job was supposed to install a machine which removes all the impurities in the gas so as to stop the damage in other machines. He readies the machine, and 20 million dollars was the amount spent on the project. Later Mr. Carrier understands that the machine doesn’t work appropriately. Because of this failure, Mr. Carrier had chances of losing the project. That is, there was a chance of losing 20 million dollars. Mr. Carrier starts worrying about the huge blunder. He couldn’t sleep at all, he used to be anxious. Finally, he realizes that he can’t do anything about his failure. Later he finds out a technique to come out of his anxiety. He followed it. The technique has three steps,


The first step is to analyze the circumstances fairly and figure out what is the worst that could possibly happen. He understands that he would neither be behind bars nor hanged for his crimes, instead his name will be spoilt in the society as well as 20 million dollars will be fruitless.

The second step is to accept the worst possible outcome mentally. He accepts his mistakes honestly, decides to rectify the errors he made in the project and to save his reputation in the market. Same way, he encouraged his workers that the project can be rethought and done carefully and successfully. The best part was his mind was relaxed after accepting the mistakes that he did. This time he could sleep well after many days.

The third step is to try to improve the worst which you have already accepted. After understanding his faults, he researched over and over and spend another 5 thousand dollars and installed a small tiny additional device in the machine. There he found the solution because of which the company got benefited.

Hence, if Mr. Carrier was upset about his failure and continued to overthink, possibly he wouldn’t have had the courage to come up with the solution. Instead, he accepted the mistakes he did and tried to rectify them. He says he escaped from a huge loss of 20 million dollars by just trying.

So when you follow these three steps you will definitely find a solution and can avoid a lot of anxieties and stress.


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