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The Power of Unbeatable Mind

  • Amruta Bhaskar
  • Dec 4, 2019
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Mark Devine I think is a superhero. A living, breathing superhero, former Navy SEAL, all-around, super strong, virtuous, good dude and the book is he has written is great ‘unbeatable mind’. I've been going off on certain softs skills like conflict resolution, managing projects and so on. While collecting the information on those, I found this book. Mark's book is fantastic.

Let’s look at five of my favourite big ideas. Starting with the first one, the first premise.

So the first premise of having an unbeatable mind is the idea that we need to win first in our mind. People like Navy SEALs or any successful warrior wins first in their mind and then on the battlefield. So it doesn't matter what our battle is. Whether it's the war of art or an actual war or anything that we're striving to create and become the highest version of ourselves, we need to win first in our minds and then out in the arena. So, the final idea is the most important one which is self-belief. Do you think you can win? Do you know you can win? Well, if you want to have an unbeatable mind you need to discipline yourself to live from that perspective. That's the first promise.

The next premise is we need to starve and feed start. And feed what? Well, the cover of the book we have that wolf looking at us, Mark tells the great story of the Wolf of Fear and the Wolf of Courage. They're battling one another. Which one wins? The one you feed. So you need to starve the fear wolf. We need to feed the Wolf of Courage. How do you do that?

Well you do that by first starving all your negativity. Anytime you find a negative thought bubbling up in your mind, if you want to have an unbeatable mind, you need to starve that fear. Starve the negativity. Mark has a great way to describe it. You need to stop it immediately, you need to interdict it. ‘Interdict’ is a military term that basically means to intercept or to stop basically a bomb, enemy lines or communication channels or whatever you need to interdict, you need to bomb the negative thoughts, stop them immediately and then feed the courage will to create positive statements that you can use instead of the negative stuff. Starve the fear wolf and feed the courage wolf. This is an awesome idea and yet he goes off on to the book and we can obviously read about that a lot longer.

The third big idea– ‘breath huge’. Mark says it would not be an overstatement to say that breath is the most important aspect of creating an unbeatable mind. If you are in a crunch situation, the pressure is high, breath is the most powerful.  Wet breathing is the most powerful way to stabilize your mind in, to get tranquillity. As your breath tends to get shorter, which creates anxiety. So we need to bring it down, bring ourselves back into the present moment and Mark has a great practice, he calls box breathing. When you're starting to feel stressed, notice your breath is going up and, bring it back down, get yourself in the present moment this is a really cool way to do it. Inhale it for 5 seconds, hold it for 5 and exhale for 5. Box breathing.

The fourth big idea here is, what your number one thing is and you're three P’s. What's your one thing in your three P’s?  Your one thing, what were you born to do,  what are you here to do, what's the one thing you need to do before you die, that you're here to do. It's just the work you're here to do, your life's purpose, what is it? You’re one thing for this year, connected to your one thing for today. Right? So we want that coherence in our goals. What's your one thing? If you don't know about it, then your one thing is to figure out what that is and of course, we have different nuances and I've mine and you know one thing and I'm also committed to being great at my work and with my parents. But what are these three P’s according to Mark? First ‘P’ is purpose, passion, the second P and the third P is ‘principles’. So our purpose is tied with that one thing, what are you passionate about, what are your principles what are the values?

And then the final idea here is uncommon resolve. Uncommon resolve the way Mark describes it is super inspiringly. He wrote three books in one year that required uncommon resolve. First of all, you need to have an incredibly strong desire. You need to want something, your hair needs to be on fire about it. That's intense desire, what are you intensely passionate about creating? Desire it. Then you got to believe and you can have it. This goes back to our first premise, you have won first, you have to know you can have it, you got to believe you can create whatever it is that you desire and you've got to have a positive attitude. You got to maintain that positive attitude starving the fear wolf and feeding the courage one.

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Great one ...the new thing learned is Box Breathing ...Thanks, Amruta Baskar for sharing.

December 5, 2019 | Chinnaiyan Ayyasamy