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How is Katalon Studio different from Selenium?

  • Bharani GR
  • Jun 14, 2019
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Katalon Studiois a free automation testing solution developed by Katalon LLC. It is a free test automation tool for automating websites, mobile applications and web services. It has record & playback and a manual mode that help non-programmers to effectively create automation test cases. For users with programming expertise, it has script mode as well using which users can write test scripts in Groovy.


  • Its setup and installation is very simple, you just need to download the respective package based on your OS fromKatalon Studio Official website, extract it and then activate it using your credentials.
  • Katalon caters to the need of non-programmers by providing record & playback feature and scripting in manual mode for test case creation. Along with that, it has a relatively simpler learning curve which helps the manual tester to easily create automation tests.
  • For those who have good programming expertise, Katalon provides test case creation in scripting mode also.
  • The in-built templates, frameworks, integration to Jira, Git, Jenkins, etc features help in speeding up the test case creation time. The user only has to focus on automation of the test scripts.
  • The script recorded in one browser can be made to run in any of the supported browsers, makingcross-browser testingfast and easy.
  • Its test result reports are graphically intuitive and can be exported to pdf and CSV formats.
  • It provides inherent logging mechanism and screenshot on failure feature. DISADVANTAGES
  • Unlike tools like Selenium, script creation is limited to Java and Groovy only.
  • As of now, there is no support for distributed testing.
  • It cannot automate desktop applications unlike some licensed tools like UFT and TestComplete.



·Katalon Studio is a test automation solution that leverages Selenium’s core engine. Although it uses several Selenium functionalities, it is not simply a Selenium wrapper.

·Katalon Studio’s users could be the testers with limited technical knowledge. Katalon Studio hides all technical complexities behind the scene and provides friendly UI with the manual mode (user can drag-drop, select keywords and test objects to form test steps), but still keeps necessary weapons for more technically powerful users who are able to dig deeper into coding with the scripting model that fully supports development conveniences like syntax highlighting, code suggestion and debugging.

·Katalon Studio is built as a unified bundle which includes almost all necessary things like Java, Android SDK, Web drivers to drive browsers, and required dependencies. All you have to do is to download and install it on your computer.

·Katalon Studio provides rich graphical UI with menus, tree views, tables, etc. to manage test cases, objects and data files. Its composer for scripting with full syntax highlight, code suggestion, debugging is ideal for testers who just want to drag-drop or have limited programming skills.




1.Good Programming skills are required.

2.Uses IDE to import Selenium Libraries before to start writing test cases

3.Not much User-friendly.

4.Supports Java, Ruby, Perl, C#, python etc…

5.Scripts can’t be written, without a good programming language.

6.Test data management and data-driven from external resources should be directly hard coded.

7.Users have to build common and reusable actions on their own in forms of programming functions Selenium is an automation API available in various programming languages like Java, JS, Python, Ruby, C#.

8.Selenium is open for integration with other tools and frameworks to enhance its capability.

9.It cannot easily integrate with other CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, CircleCI etc.


1.Average programming skills are required.

2.No such IDE required before to start writing test cases

3.User-friendly compared to selenium

4.Supports only Java and Groovy.

5.Scripts are written easily, without a good programming language.

6.Test data management and data-driven from external resources(like MS Excel) are easily done.

7.Katalon studio is a software tool, has been built with readily usable features. You just need to configure the software and use it for automation.

8.The Katalon Studio is integrating necessary frameworks and features for fast test cases execution and creation.

9.It is good for testers with limited technical knowledge.

10.It can easily integrate with other CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, CircleCI


Author: Bharani G R

About: Bharani, A progressive Corporate trainer is known for mixing the latest training techniques with methods that have strong track records. Apart from training and workshops, Bharani has hands-on experience in Software field where she has worked on JAVA, Python, HTML and CSS and tools like Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, Android Studio, ADB, Appium studio etc.

She was awarded as the Best Trainer for Selenium from Lignite Technologies Ltd. Bharani G R, Automation lead of SkillRaryhas been supporting and motivating students for the placement and excel towards their career.

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